If you’re like us, lip gloss is a staple in your makeup bag. Depending on the day or occasion, you might go for a simple clear gloss or something chocolately that glistens against your brown skin. Whatever the event, your lip gloss is always poppin’. And with Sprint rapidly approaching, you’re probably looking for your […]

MAC cosmetics listened to the nearly 40,000 people that signed a petition to get the late Tejano songstress, Selena Quintanilla her own line of lipsticks.

With New York Fashion Week coming to a close, our Instagram feeds have been blowing up with the newest collections from our favorite designers, beauty trends for Spring, and of course some MAJOR trolling. And by major, we mean someone done lost their damn minds! On Wednesday night, MAC uploaded a photo to their Instagram […]

I’m not one to make resolutions for any New Year, but I was stuck in a beauty rut. My winged liner and red or pink lip routine is a classic going-out staple that looks good on anyone, but what about the nights when I want that extra umph? Lipstick is the easiest product to use to […]

After receiving criticism for a lack of diversity, Apple has vowed to add more women and minorities to its board of directors. According to reports, shareholders expressed concerns about the tech giant’s nearly all-White, all-male board several times in the past few months. The eight-member board currently consist of seven Caucasian men over the age […]

It’s doubtful that we could love M·A·C s Ruby Woo any more than we do. But the mega-makeup brand just gave us sixteen more reasons to fall madly in love with matte lipstick. Their new retro collection is filled with matte lipsticks in every bright colored hue imaginable. In case you were wondering, bright lips are […]

I am totally here for Rihanna‘s summer MAC collection. RiRi Woo is just, simply put, quite amazing! Like, no really it’s my fave. But knowing that she’s dropping four more colors for the RiRi <3 MAC collection throughout 2013, warms my soul. And, I’m pretty sure that these next masterpieces will sell out too. Thank gosh […]

The M•A•C Baking Beauties collection will have you screaming for sweets. It’s exclusively designed with girlish cupcake patterns and named after our favorites treats. Featuring face powders, lustre drops, pro longwear paint pots, and my favorite, haute & naughty lash wear, this collection is pure perfection for any beauty who loves nudes and contrasting tones. MUST READ: IMAN […]

Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin have teamed up for MAC Viva Glam’s latest campaign. David La Chapelle captured Nicki and her flawless pink wig and dress on top a blue motorcycle in this colorful ad for the makeup heavyweights. All the proceeds from the two pink VIVA GLAM lipsticks go towards the fight against HIV/AIDS. […]

Steve Jobs didn’t just create products, he created consumer identities.  Sure, he changed the way we listen to music, chat on the web, talk on the phone and a whole hosts of other things, but what I think is so remarkable is that he changed the way we express who we are through the technology […]