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Lip Glosses for Brown Girls

Source: MAC, Kat Von D, Fenty Beauty, Mented Cosmetics, NYX / MAC, Kat Von D, Fenty Beauty, Mented Cosmetics, NYX

If you’re like us, lip gloss is a staple in your makeup bag. Depending on the day or occasion, you might go for a simple clear gloss or something chocolately that glistens against your brown skin. Whatever the event, your lip gloss is always poppin’. And with Sprint rapidly approaching, you’re probably looking for your next set of go-to glosses.

As we approach the warmer weather and take a lighter approach to our style, one thing you never want to leave behind is the gloss that hangs on your every word! Here’s 5 lip glosses to make sure your precious pout stays on point.

1. MAC Clear Lipglass- $17

Lets just go right on ahead and get this out-of-the-way: EVERY GIRL WITH LIPS SHOULD OWN A GOOD CLEAR GLOSS! Mac’s clear Lip Glass has long been a fan favorite for its conditioning and high-gloss formula. From the girl who relies more on her natural beauty, to the makeup queens who beat the breaks off of their faces daily, this gloss is a MUST HAVE!

2. Mented “Send Nudes”- $15

If you’re looking for the perfect gloss to give you a hint of color, this is it! Not too thick and not too thin, Mented has created the perfect formula for just enough color and shine! With their “Send Nudes” color, you can wear it by it’s self or over top of your favorite lipstick.

3. Fenty “Hot Chocolit” Lip Bomb- $19

As if we could even talk about lip glosses for brown girls without mentioning FENTY! With it’s rich, thick consistency and it’s shimmer galore, Fenty’s lip bombs have easily become a favorite world-wide. It’s their “Hot Chocolit” that has particularly become a favorite amongst women of color though. Whatever your natural lip color or skin color, this chocolate-brown gloss is sure to compliment you on it’s own or overtop of a lipstick.

4. NYX “Ginger Snap” Butter Gloss- $5

You don’t have to break the bank to get a quality lip gloss. We all love the NYX brand for proving over and over again that even drug store brands can create staples that we can’t live without and their “Ginger Snap” gloss is surely one of those products! It’s got the perfect amount of tint and isn’t tacky in feel or too heavy.

5. KVD Vegan Beauty “Blossom” XO Vinyl Lip Cream- $20

Kat Von D has come out with some pretty good products through the years. Lately, I’m really loving her new lip creams that she just launched. If you’re looking for high gloss and a more pigmented color deposit, these lip creams are it! The color “Blossom” is a beautiful peachy nude and looks absolutely gorgeous when paired with a dark brown or purple liner.


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