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Energize your beauty routine with the first ever clean, cruelty-free and vegan crystal energized lip gloss by Astra Beauty.

I can vouch for Black Radiance when they say they've figured out the perfect recipe when it comes to their new line of Metalicious Lip Lacquers which dropped today.

If you’re like us, lip gloss is a staple in your makeup bag. Depending on the day or occasion, you might go for a simple clear gloss or something chocolately that glistens against your brown skin. Whatever the event, your lip gloss is always poppin’. And with Sprint rapidly approaching, you’re probably looking for your […]

Skai Jackson keeps her lips popping with this $18 goodie!

Quick! If you had to choose right now without skipping a beat, what would you say is your absolute beauty product obsession? Please please say lip gloss. It’s no secret that lip gloss has ruled my days and nights since I entered this beauty game and there are no signs of this obsession slowing down. […]

Trina, will be releasing her 5th album, “Amazin” on May 4th with tracks featuring Keri Hilson, Monica, P. Diddy, and more. The rapper is releasing her own cosmetics line,” Be Amazin By Trina” which includes Lip Gloss, eye lashes and more personalized by Trina herself to give today’s young women a provocative presence and aura. […]