Wendell Pierce's private venture to build an apartment complex will hire residents to serve on the construction team and promote local artists.


Not appearing professional and polished can limit opportunities to advance in your career. I

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Looking for a new job is stressful for many reasons. If you are currently employed, yet searching for a new opportunity, nine times out of 10 there are compounded issues at your present place of employment to deal with on top of your search. Alternatively, if you are unemployed and searching for a job, the […]

Each year the ManPower Group releases its results of a survey geared to determine the hardest jobs to fill. According to the survey the following jobs are the hardest to fill:   1)     Skilled Trade Workers 2)     Restaurants and Hotel Staff 3)     Sales Representatives 4)     Teachers 5)     Drivers 6)     Accounting and Finance Staff 7)     Laborers […]

With a new year comes new goals and new opportunities. If you find yourself looking for a new job in 2014, Forbes.com and Manpower have gathered a few suggestions based on surveys of 18,000 employers across the U.S. This survey was taken to determine whether employers plan to add or cut jobs, keep employment levels […]

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and CBSNews.com, women are currently out earning men in part time work. Although men, in general, continue to earn more than women in the workplace, the BLS study found that overall women’s earning capacity is drawing closer to our male counterparts. Must Read: Why This Hair Potion […]

The use of social media in today’s working environment is almost a necessity to stay on top of up to date trends, potential jobs and effective networking. LinkedIn, a social media engine utilized particularly for networking professionals, provides great benefits for its users and members. This hub is full of useful connections, which some have […]

It’s a new year and for many of us, that means a new you. From hefty workout plans to visions boards and all that in between, we all want to do better and be better. And with all this self-improvement, improved careers are at the forefront. According to Forbes, 80% of the working public claimed […]

Let’s face it: whether we like it or not, we are being watched by someone. Whether it’s during that incredible interview that you got after months and months of networking or that frustrated Facebook status that you posted about being hungover, someone can keep tabs of what you do with your time. This is a […]