Ericka works directly with medical professionals to help undo medical racial bias against POC in doctor's offices.

Cheryl, the 22-year-old's mother, told CBS News that the University of Maryland Medical Center just disposed of her child as if she was trash.

#45's newest executive order halts scheduled payments to insurance companies that help lower deductibles for low-income customers.

The powerhouse health care company definitely has some explaining to do!

Suicide notes left by Glenn Scarpelli and Patricia Colant said that they could not "live with” their “financial reality" anymore.

The president made a huge slip-up while talking about the ObamaCare today. As the U.S. Senate brace for a health care battle as the vote the latest attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, Donald Trump decided it was time to speak out (again) about the healthcare program. During a speech about ObamaCare, […]

Plus, "Get Out" actor responds to Samuel L. Jackson's claims that British actors cannot understand the African-American experience and the GOP healthcare bill could force women to pay to give birth.

Paulette Leaphart finally arrived in Washington D.C., after setting out on a mission to walk from Biloxi, Mississippi, to the nation's capitol to talk about health care reform and raise breast cancer awareness.

Blacks living with HIV/AIDS are less likely to be linked to prolonged medical care and treatment.

Even though influenza season isn’t in full swing yet, don’t wait for it to get worse before you get your shot.

Black patients believe that white doctors don’t care about their personal lives.

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In a big win for President Barack Obama, the Supreme Court voted 6-3 Thursday to uphold Obamacare subsidies. The justices ruled that consumers qualify for…