LeBron James & JR Smith were just a few of many high-powered stars who reached out to encourage middle-school student Keaton Jones, even though his mother is a cyber bully herself.

The young women claim the driver never stopped to help them as they were being beaten.

Rude advisors at Kennesaw . Smh pic.twitter.com/ugcX4gnIsp — KB (@IamKB_) May 14, 2015 Video showing a Kennesaw State University employee telling a Black student he…

Have you ever been catcalled incessantly as you walk down the street? Told to smile by some strange man who then used that line to ask you for your number? Ever been asked if you’re interested in going home with a man the minute he met you? I know I have. And I’m not alone.  […]

Legal Breakdowns Of The hottest Entertainment & Celebrity Drama A New York District Judge ruled that unpaid interns are not protected from sexual harassment as promulgated by the New York Human Rights Law because they are not deemed to be “real” employees. This ruling was based upon claims of a 26-year-old Syracuse University graduate and […]

Remember a few weeks ago when the female sports reporter, Ines Sainz made allegations that she was sexually harassed in the locker room of the NY Jets? Well, Sainz is now requesting that she not be required to enter into men’s locker rooms any longer. She says she will conduct her interviews any where but […]

Lately there has been an increase in children getting bullied by their peers at school. I’m not talking about the old school sh*t and giggles, or the dozens. In 2010, bullying has gone to a more personal level. Now students don’t necessarily escape bullying when they go home. With the help of the cyber world, […]

We’re sure at one time or another every female has come across unwanted, harassing attention while walking down the street from men. From the cat calls, to the “baby can I talk to you for a minute” and the dreaded touching, we really don’t know why men think that they have a right to leer […]