Ok you parents out there, this is what happens when you let your kids watch TV unsupervised.  A mother videotaped her daughter grinding to Ciara’s “Ride.”

This is why some people just aren’t meant to  be parents!! We just came across this picture on mediatakeout and it’s very disturbing!!!

And to think we still had hope that these two would reconcile. Even though, Kelis and Nas’ divorce has been finalized, the rapper has found another way to make their break-up official – and permanent! Remember when he tattooed the naked body of his then-wife on his arm? (see above) Well, it looks like this […]

So Chris Brown and Tyga released a mixtape last night called ‘Fan of a Fan’ and on one track Chris tries to fool us all by naming it “Ain’t Thinking About You” but he clearly IS thinking about “you” – if “you” means Rihanna. “We done been together for a minute / now it feels […]

So, Rihanna made a stop in Hamburg, Germany during her “Last Girl On Earth” tour and, while performing, she attempted to channel the late, great King Of Pop Michael Jackson by moonwalking across the stage. Well, at least we think she’s moonwalking. We’re not sure what the hell that was. And check out our original […]

(From blackvoices.com) On Mother’s Day, we show our appreciation for the women who nurtured us, gave us guidance and raised us right. But if the gyrating, cursing and violent kids in these videos are any reflection of their mothers’ parenting skills then someone needs to alert Child Protective Services ASAP.