Dream Doll recently cut off a few inches of her hair and took to Instagram to show off her new look.

Rapper Dream Doll visited Angela Yee's "Lipservice Podcast" where she opened up about having four butt reductions in attempts to have a more natural body after previously receiving butt injections.

From Rihanna to Dream Doll, check out these celebrities who rock mullets... and rock them well.

Dream Doll constantly experiments with her hair. The Black Barbie has done every style from bone straight to curly. From blonde to brunette and we love every bit of it!

Behind every bomb a** hair style, weave or wig, is a stylist who is at the top of his or her game and highly-skilled in the latest techniques. And that stylist for rapper/ former reality TV star is Arrogant Tae (and trust he has all the reason to be arrogant, just click here). Tae, who […]