The Tamir Rice Afrocentric Cultural Center is slated to open its doors in 2019.

  Facebook has suspended the largest Black Lives Matter page because it was found to be a complete fake. In a time when Facebook’s integrity as an organization is under immense scrutiny, it’s important for users to know who is behind their favorite pages. Thousands of people were scammed into making donations through a fake […]

The Baton Rouge police officer who shot and killed Alton Sterling has been removed  from the force. Baton Rouge Police Department officials have announced that Blane Salamoni has been fired following Sterling’s 2016 shooting death. Bodycam footage of the deadly incident shows Salamoni pulling a gun on Sterling as soon has he arrives to help […]

Rev. Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy to a group of hundreds of mourners and vowed to find justice for this young man's tragic death.

Authorities have begun an investigation into whether or not a West Palm Beach officer used excessive force while arresting a Black woman. Smartphone video of an officer grabbing a woman by the hair and slamming her to ground is making its way around social media. The clip shows officers attempting to break up a fight […]

This is how David Hogg is reconciling and leveraging his white privilege.


In what is sure to be a welcomed endeavor, social activist and #BlackLivesMatter frontman DeRay McKesson has just announced his first book deal, which is set for a fall 2018 release. With his fierce and consistent social activism and huge following, it was the likely next step that DeRay McKesson transitioned into writing a book. […]


Tension between police and POC is nothing new and many of us have experienced it firsthand, but this relationship has taken a disturbing turn in St. Louis. The increasingly hostile relationship between St. Louis police and local residents continues to get worse, as the police are arresting residents in large quantities. In response to the […]


Last September, the family of Tawon Boyd faced the unthinkable when the young Maryland man died in the hospital from the injuries he sustained from the Baltimore County Police. Now, the family has filed a lawsuit to get justice for Boyd and hopefully change the innerworkings of the local police department. Tawon Boyd merely called […]


The relationship between black people and police has always been a hostile one to say the very least, with countless instances of excessive force being used when it wasn’t at all necessary. Now, a lawsuit has been filed against the Columbus, Ohio police department with the hopes that it sends a very loud message. It’ […]


With racial tensions at an all-time high, it’s almost expected that personal opinions about such a hot issue will spill over into every aspect of daily life, including work. Apparently, an Arizona professor decided that it would be a good idea to express his extreme opinions about #BlackLivesMatter that ended up temporarily costing him his […]

The Franklin County Grand Jury decided not to pursue charges against officer Bryan Mason, calling the teen's death "justified."