LA Police are investigating the deaths of two young Black models. Here is what we know.

Gorgeous Hair

The fall is the perfect time to rock your hair in its natural state. Cooler temperatures often mean less worry about humidity-induced shrinkage.

Gorgeous Hair

Boho Knotless Box Braids allow you to execute versatile hairstyles while protecting your mane. Products like TGIN Miracle RepaiRx Curl Protein Reconstructor promote hair growth and keep your scalp hydrated.

Gorgeous Hair

What good is a protective style like braids if your hair is unhealthy once you take it out? Vitamins like the Mane Choice Multi Collagen gummies provide nutrients that maintain hair health and promote growth.

Gorgeous Hair

A fresh set of classic box braids is a ‘look’ no matter the season. This iconic protective ‘do reigns supreme as a go-to style that can be worn in various lengths and colors. Believe the hype! Classic box braids really are ‘that girl!’

Gorgeous Hair

Sleek Low Ponytails provide a chic, sophisticated look no matter if you’re rocking straight or natural hair.

Gorgeous Hair

This go-to look starts with squeaky cleansed, conditioned and detangled hair. Use a comb to create a parted row at the nape of your neck. Create vertical parts after determining the desired twist size. For thicker, chunkier locs, create larger parts.

Instead of having to imagine yourself on a magazine that hasn't always been welcoming to the sistas, this challenge celebrates the iconic publication that has always been for us and by us.

You already know, sistas are owning this new social media sensation.


A new hair challenge celebrating the versatility of our tresses coincidently started trending right around the same time the rapper gave some unsolicited hair advice to Ari Lennox.

Long before the beauty pioneers of today made their first dollar, Madam C.J. Walker made her first million. Walker, born Sarah Breedlove, created the first line of homemade hair care products for Black women after suffering her own hair loss. And long before Mary Kay or Avon sent aspiring beauty entrepreneurs knocking door-to-door, Walker employed […]

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