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LTBW Episode 4 toxic masculinity

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The phrase “toxic masculinity” is used to describe harmful behavior from men that can range from intimidation to harassment to abuse. At its worse, toxic masculinity can even lead men to kill their partners and children. On this episode of ‘Listen To Black Women,’ our hosts present the current crisis of masculinity plaguing our communities and reveal how Black women are tackling the issue online.

About Listen To Black Women:

HelloBeautiful and MadameNoire have collaborated on a brand new digital talk show called Listen To Black Women, and we want to hear from you!

Each episode we will include the voices of our audience online, feedback from an expert, and results from weekly polls that ask you to weigh in on the topic. This show is shaped by your input, so make sure to let your opinions be heard!

Tune in on Fridays to find out the results and what others had to say on social media, as well as our hosts Shamika Sanders, Brande Victorian, Keyaira Kelly, and other show guests.


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