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1. Eat At Your Own Risk

If you knew how far you had to sprint before you ran up on that next buffet would you still indulge? Us NYC ladies have the pleasure (or torture) of seeing calorie counts on almost every edible creation in the city. This “Hey I’m high in fat” message sometimes helps us think twice before we ask for double rice. So I wanted all my girls nationwide to be in on the secret too. *calorie counts based on 150lb woman*

2. Coke Is No Joke

Before you take another swig, this info you may want to dig! One 20oz bottle of Coca-Cola comes in at a whopping 240 calories. Sip and then take a dip…you would have to swim for 30 minutes to burn off this amount of calories. Drink water to skip the workout.

3. Large And Not-So In Charge

Make your meal a combo and get ready to learn a few combos in Zumba sis! A large fry at McDonald’s comes in at 560 calories. I hope you have 60 minutes to bust a move because that’s how long it’s going to take you to get rid of that high in fat side.

4. Don’t Be A Cookie Monster

I know you may want to wash that lunch combo at Panera down with a sweet treat, but know this: that chocolate chip cookie is comparable to going for a 50 minute brisk walk. Yep that power stride will be necessary to eliminate those 260 calories.

5. Oh No Cup Of Joe

I get it- you need that afternoon kick. Well if it comes in the form of a Grande Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks then be sure to line up some more kicks in kickboxing later. Round kick, side kick and back kick for at least 40 minutes to knock out those 410 calories.

6. Burrito Bowl Superbowl

If Chipotle is your lunch go to and you think you are doing something by opting for the bowl instead of the tortilla, think again senorita! A chicken burrito bowl with cheese and sour cream at Chipotle comes with a super amount of calories. Think 990 calories. Yikes! You would have to have a Superbowl of your own and play tag football for 70 straight minutes just to get rid of lunch.

7. The Pie Don’t Lie

Once you say yes to a slice of homemade pecan pie you also just said yes to a 50 minute run. So if you would rather not sweat it out on the track, I suggest you run pass that bakery and skip those 530 calories.

8. Stake Out Your Take Out

Do the folks over at your local Thai market know your order by heart? Well you may want to 86 the Chicken Pad Thai moving forward lady. Or you can count on moving on the elliptical for almost 2 hours straight?! Yep it will take you 115 minutes to eliminate those 1,160 calories.

9. Good Dickens You Ate That Chicken?!

If Popeye’s is your main squeeze and you want to still squeeze into your jeans I hope you have time to also squeeze in an 100 minute bike ride after you smash that 3 piece. I’m telling you–900 calories better be worth all that pedaling lady.

10. Wine Is Not So Fine

If your hostess with the most-est filled your glass at least four times at your last “girls night in” then you guessed it sis- you just downed a bottle of wine. Welp, once you get over that hangover you best get over to the gym for 165 minutes of weight lifting. That should take care of those 550 calories you just chugged.

11. Break Out Fast After Breakfast

A bagel with cream cheese just might be your morning jump off, but I was wondering if you would be willing to jump rope (nonstop) for 45 minutes after your doughy meal? If the answer is no then find a breakfast that wont cost you 500 calories straight out the gate.

12. Shimy & Shake For A Cupcake

If your salsa moves aren’t red hot then just say no to that red velvet cupcake sugar. This popular 4 bite max treat will set you back 440 calories for sure. So unless you have 90 minutes to flip your skirt around on the dance floor decide now that this treat is not worth the cheat.

13. Stop Nutting Around

If you stuck your hand in that trail mix two times today then you may need to do a two a day. That’s right that double dipping just cost you 560 calories girlfriend. Two 100 minute yoga sessions should loosen up that choice. 200 minutes on the mat coming right up!

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