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Instagram has over 100 million active users on its platform, according to Statista, while Medium reports that the average IG user spends 53 minutes per day on the app. This doesn’t even take into account the amount of time spent curating photos or content to post your best for the world. If you have a girlfriend that is one of the 100 million, chances are she likes taking photos and is constantly scrolling through her feed or spends time curating her Instagram page.  Then what better gift to give than a little something to help up the quality of her posts, content, and even herself! You’ve come to the right corner of the Internet for some of the best gifts for 2019. We’re rounded up the best gifts to give your favorite that will have her looking fly, on the cutting edge of creating content, and more. Keep on clicking for our top picks.


The Sony Alpha a6000 ($448.00, adorama.com) is a bloggers’ dream. The screen has the ability to flip around so you can vlog and take selfies of yourself. It’s an excellent camera for beginners, delivering a lot of high quality images and video without having to put in too much of your own work (or having to be a pro). It’s great for shooting YouTube videos, content for Instagram, and takes great stills. It’s smaller and lighter than most DSLR’s and it’s very intuitive to learn.

At under $500.00 (for the body only), this lens is affordable and high performing. The images are impeccably sharp at 24 pixels so you can get detail and quality. You can also download an app to transfer photos and videos directly to your phone, which is nice when you want to publish immediately.

Also, you can do face programming, which I think is cool. Throwing an event or want to make sure your images of a subject is always in focus? You can program their face into the camera and from then on, whenever the camera sees that face, it will focus on it. Cool, right?!

In my personal opinion, this camera can compete with other high end DSLRs that are more at the $3K-$4K range.


Once you get your IG came up, next come the event invites and appearance requests! Need to get glam, but don’t have a glam team? No worries! The GlamSquad got you! GlamSquad is available in major cities like New York City, Washington DC, Boston, South Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Bay area and more. I’ve personally used this service on several occasions. I highly recommend their makeup services. Getting your face beat for $75.00 is a steal. Yes, I recognize that you can go to Sephora or a makeup counter and get this done if you spend $50.00 in products, but this is great for last minute or when you want your makeup done in the comfort of your home (or in a conference room at your office).


Charge all of your devices at once! This charging station ($42.99, amazon.com) is great for the girl that has every device possible and needs them all at 100% so she can create her content.


A ring light will instantly give your content a clearer, brighter, view. If you’re IG loving friend is trying to up her content game, a ring light is a must have. This package deal ($67.00, bhphotovideo.com) comes with a stand that goes up to 61 inches in height.


Help your favorite blogger get organized for the year with this blogger planner ($19.94, amazon.com). Sarah Morgan is the author and has been blogging for over 20 years. Her tips and tricks will help your favorite content creator have a social media presence that is profitable and successful for 2020.


A website is the new resume and your blogger friend should have a presence in addition to her Instagram page. If it’s time for her to update her website, a new theme could be just the makeover she needs. Check out BluChic.com for feminine WordPress themes.


These motivational sticky notes ($12.00, amazon.com) are great for your Internet entrepreneur. Plus, they look so cute when they are stuck on walls or the desk. Perfect for a backdrop or to create little pick me up reminders on tough days!


If your content creator also is a podcaster, she’s going to need a good microphone. Consider gifting her the Blue Yeti Microphone ($109.99, amazon.com) which is great for recording and streaming.


Making content 24/7 can leave little time for the gym. Help your IG loving friend multitask by hooking her up with an exercise machine. The LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk ($1299.00, amazon.com) is a workstation with a treadmill combined.


A photography tent ($38.50, amazon.com) is great for bloggers who do lay flat styling (think a beauty blogger with makeup or a stylist showing outfits).


1. A New Blog Theme

A website is the new resume and your blogger friend should have a presence in addition to her Instagram page. If it’s time for her to update her website, a new theme could be just the makeover she needs. Check out BluChic.com for feminine WordPress themes. 

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