1. TamarCollection.com

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Tamar Braxton launches her first line of apparel that retails exclusively online at TamarCollection.com. #CatchIt

2. TamarCollection.com

Tamar developed the brand and shopping experience to address various concerns that she has personally found challenging over the years.

3. TamarCollection.com

As a result, the brand features runway-inspired fashion that is available in extended and unisex sizes, all at affordable prices.

4. TamarCollection.com

“Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about looking fabulous without breaking the bank.” – Tamar Braxton

5. TamarCollection.com

“So when designing this collection, it was important that the line had a wide variety of looks.” – Tamar Braxton

6. TamarCollection.com

“A little everyday fashion, but also some runway looks at incredible prices. It is important to me that all of my fans feel like there is something for them” – Tamar Braxton

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