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Supa Cent and Rayzor

Source: Lago Lens Photography / @lago_lens_photography

If started from the bottom now we’’re here was a person, it would be Supa Cent. The beauty mogul went from making minimum wage to the become the owner of her own million dollar baby, The Crayon Case. Supa Cent’s  ability to capture audiences with her storytelling skills and her transparency about life and love makes it hard not to love her. Whether good or bad, she doesn’t hide her truth from her fans. Through the years, we’ve watched Supa navigate unsuccessful relationships, but the beloved personality has seemingly found her prince charming.

Our girl Supa Cent has a new beau, Ray, and not only is he eye candy, but he also seems to be a healthy serving soul food too. I mean what other conclusion could be drawn from a man that made our girl, “wanna leave Supa in the car and be Raynell.” Now that is deep; for your soul to collide with one who makes you want to be the best and most authentic version of yourself. Not a celebrity, not the owner of a multimillion-dollar brand, just Raynell Steward. 

Like Supa, Ray A.K.A Rayzor is an entrepreneur or a “Bread Winner.” Ray is an event producer who owns an upscale New Orleans bar, Vogue Lounge. One of Ray’s best qualities, is his low-key personality and ability to make Supa feel true love. Being with Ray made her realize, “those other relationships were just lust.”

No one’s relationship should be your goal. Why? Because you don’t know the details of someone else’s relationship and we all have different standards. However, there are certain prerequisites that should be non-negotiable when you decide to build a relationship with someone. And although we are sure Ray and Raynell’s relationship isn’t perfect we wanted to share a few take away that is both aspirational and inspirational. 

1. Find Your Person

Your person will know you are their person and act accordingly. Your person will not play with you or play about you. When your soul finds a mate, it definitely feels different and the vibe is next level.  Both Ray and Supa are vocal about having found their person in one another. 

2. Your Mate Should Know Your Love Language

Your mate should be affirming because we all need to be reassured sometimes. I’m sure Supa knows she’s beautiful but do you see how she lit up in slide 7? That is the power that words of affirmation have. Do you think she cared about all that lent on her little Walmart shirt? Nope because her man made her feel beautiful despite that

3. You Should Find Comfort In Love

Your person should be your safe space where you can truly be yourself without apologies or judgment. Being rich and famous is most times accompanied by tremendous pressure. You find balance and freedom in people and places that allow you to unplug and disconnect. While their love may be anything but normal, Ray offers Supa some sense of normalcy and she deserves it

4. You and Your Mate Should Offer One Another Support

Someone who loves you will always create a space that promotes you to be your best self. Having a partner that, “motivates and inspires” you is a really big flex. We all need a cheerleader, a supporter, or someone that refuses to allow us to lose, quit, or be anything less than great


We all deserve the comfort and security of someone who isn’t a flight risk. Supa has been very vocal about having epilepsy and I am sure the potential risks have scared a few men off. A medical issue can many times be problematic especially if it is preexisting, some opt-out to avoid possible hardships. I’m sure it was a big deal, just not as big as the love Ray has for Supa.

Listen, the Hello Beautiful team loves black love; it is beautiful and should be celebrated so we are here for all of this. We all deserve to be loved properly, just remember it won’t happen overnight and self-love should be more important than finding love. We all witnessed Princess Supa kiss a few frogs before she found her Prince Ray. So if you’re single this Valentine’s Day just know it’s not the end of the world. Remain encouraged and continue to work on being the best version of yourself so that when you meet your person you will be ready for love. 

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