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Multi-million dollar beauty business mogul Supa Cent took to social media this week to share a few candid details about her reconstructive surgery journey.

The Crayon Case founder revealed that in 2020, she underwent a breast and back lift procedure in the Dominican Republic to extenuate her assets, but according to Supa, the procedure left her derriere looking abnormal. The star explained that the doctor performed liposuction so far down her back, that it caused her butt to stick out like a “shelf.”

“I absolutely hated it and was very insecure about it,” the thriving businesswoman confessed on Instagram. “I never had a bbl or anything done to my butt, but once your waist gets smaller. Your butt sticks out more.”

Supa shared a side-by-side video of her old booty compared to her new and improved bum and her results do appear drastically different.

The Louisiana native, whose real name is Raynell Steward, advised her followers who “already have” a bit of junk in their trunks to steer clear from getting a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

“See how the results look after lipo or tummy tuck. Then decide after,” she advised. “Not only did I hate my shelf but that surgery left my butt looking boxy. I use to ask to get my butt edited on photos so it would look smaller. because it was too damn big. So I decided to get it reconstructed and reduction to my bottom.”

Very rarely do we see celebs being transparent about the work they have done, so this was absolutely refreshing to see. Supa even shared the name of the plastic surgeon who recently helped her to reconstruct her rear end to perfection.

“My surgeon who performed this surgery is @claudettepazgomez. Who specializes in reconstruction surgery. That’s another thing I had to learn. Stop going to doctors who don’t specialize in the work you want. I did it twice and dealt with it. But the butt had to go,” she added.

Interested in learning more about the reconstructive process? Check out Supa’s in-depth vlog about the ins and outs of the procedure below.

Now, if you’re looking to have any kind of reconstructive surgery done to your body, it’s important to do extensive research and find the right medical team to assist with the procedure. There are a ton of risks associated with plastic surgery and we’ve seen a few stars in the past suffer serious consequences from undergoing botched procedures, including singer K. Michelle who suffered chronic health issues after her butt implants became toxic. Earlier this month, rapper DreamDoll revealed that she underwent 4 reconstructive surgery sessions to remove her silicone butt injections after they became painful.

Check out what she had to say about the process on Angela Yee’s Lip Service Podcast.


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