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While many look to New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for style trends and wardrobe forecasts, each season the nail game gets better and better making the event the perfect place for nail art inspiration. This is true from the models walking the runways to the attendees at the shows 

From animal print and polka dots to metallics, chrome, and pop art, this season’s attendees expressed themselves through their fingertips elevating their daily look.

Made popular during the pandemic, press-on nails were a wild favorite. Providing both convenience and couture, press-ons were an ideal choice for attendees needing a quick change. Rhinestones and hand-painted designs were another popular choice as a maximalist style dominated hands. 

Below you will see pictures from some of the hottest sets we spotted during NYFW.  Get ready to save, screenshot, and share the pictures with your nail tech for your next set. 

1. Golden Jeweled Royalty

NYFW 2023 Nails Source:@dcfashionblogger

A fashion week attendee adds gilded gold accents and jewels to her bold green tips providing eye-catching glitz and glam. 

2. Animal – Pink Perfection

NYFW 2023 Nails Source:@dcfashionblogger

Combining two things we love – hot pink and animal print – @kia_danielle’s set gave everything it was supposed to give this fashion week. 

3. Oil-Slick Sculpted Stillettos

NYFW 2023 Nails Source:@dcfashionblogger

This sculpted stiletto set is for all the girls who want their nails to arrive before they do. Yesss @ohwawa. 

4. Hand-Painted Stillettos

NYFW 2023 Nails Source:@dcfashionblogger

@rhema.mona’s stiletto nails are set off by black and white hand-painted designs and perfectly placed rhinestone accents. 

5. Brown and white polka dots

NYFW 2023 Nails Source:@dcfashionblogger

 @themodernhousewifeny’s brown and white polka dot almond nails mixed perfectly with her pink and white gingham suit. 

6. Blinged-out Ovals

NYFW 2023 Nails Source:@dcfashionblogger

@shopsassyjones made her classic oval-shaped nails stand out with a blinged-out rhinestone-crusted set. 

7. Lipstick-Shaped Sexiness

NYFW 2023 Nails Source:@dcfashionblogger

@killakkira wows during NYFW with a funky turquoise, silver, and orange set in the lipstick shape often worn by Meg the Stallion.