1. Happy Birthday Jilly From Philly!

How could you not love her? The smile, the voice, the incredible way she seductively croons about food…no, really…there’s no one in the game quite like Jill Scott.

How does she make a grocery list sound so…damn…good?!

We’ve compiled this list of delicious Jill Scott lyrics that make for an incredible meal plan. Check out what’s on the menu.

2. Wake Up Cinna Buns

When Jill sang about how she’s sweet than the sugar on a cinnamon treat on “When I Wake Up,” you can’t help but smell the warm treats baking in the oven. Yum!

3. So Gone Breakfast Platter

Ever had the type of loving that makes you jump out of bed to make him breakfast? Mhmm…you’re not alone. Let Jill’s grocery list help you create your breakfast menu.

4. Queen Wears The Crown Royal

Real women drink brown liquor. Jill lets it be known that she’s all about the brown on “Crown Royal On Ice.”

5. It’s Love Collard Greens

On “It’s Love,” Jill Scott passionately asked, “Do you want it on your collard greens?” Whatever IT is (we’re jsut being coy, we know), we’ll take two helpings on ours.

6. Jilly Wings

In “Whatever,” Jilly from Philly can’t keep her mind off food! She’s ready to rush off to get her man whatever snack he desires. Great, now we want wings!

7. Candy Sweets

On “It’s Love,” Jill wonders if you “want it on your candy sweets?” And you already know the answer to that. Yes please!

8. Pretty Pickled Beets

We’re not so sure we want pickled beets, but since JIll’s going through all the trouble…

9. Thick Peach Cobbler

There’s nothing like fresh peaches from the garden baked into a decadent cobbler. If she’s giving, we’re taking.

10. Bangin’ Black-Eyed Peas

This New Year’s Eve tradition can be enjoyed anytime, especially when Jill’s offering it with collar greens, rice & gravy and biscuits!

11. Big Buttery Biscuits

Whatever it is she’s got, we’ll take some on our biscuits.

12. Golden Fried Fish & Grits

This brunch classic gets a sexy twist with Jill serving it up.

13. Honey Drizzled Molasses

Your meal is nothing without dessert and it’s obvious Jill has a big sweet tooth!

14. Chocolate Drops

Maybe we should drizzle some of that honey on this chocolate treat?! Thanks for always catering to our sweet tooth Jill!

15. Aunt Niecey’s Famous Potato Salad

Even though Aunt Niecey’s potato salad comes out green most of the time, it’s the best you’ve ever tasted. Her secret ingredient is the scallions!

16. Rolling Hills Rice & Gravy

JIll’s rice & gravy is so scrumptious, you don’t even need any meat or nothing else Jesus!

17. Grocery List

Jill’s grocery list in “Exclusively” sounds random, but maybe she’s planning a very interesting strawberry shortcake? Either way, we’ll have some! We’ll even go with her to the grocery store.

18. Keep It Spicy

Jill is no stranger to keeping things HOT. Every meal’s most important component is the seasoning. Don’t like it spicy? Then you won’t like what Jill serves up.

19. Ice Cream Dream Girl

Ice cream is a heavenly treat that Jill sings about in “The Real Thing” and she wants us to know just how sweet she can truly be.

20. Sweetie Pie

Even though this lyric, “You chose her cause she’s sweet as pie,” is one of the saddest lyrics a gal could sing, Jill still sold us on that pie. Wonder if she’ll be using those strawberries from her grocery list?

21. Lusty Lemonade

Jill Scott says, “Sip some lemonade, Take your clothes off, Relax in the shade, Just breathe…” And we’re like…ok girl. *sips lemonade*

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