1. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

I’ll admit it. I used to be really addicted to talk shows. The crazier the headlines, the better. I watched Jenny Jones, Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, & more. So I’ve decided to walk down memory lane & compile a list of the craziest talk show headlines–from “I’m A Pregnant Prostitute to I Escaped From Prison To Be With You,” the laughs are endless. Thanks to for helping me with the list

2. “I’m So Ugly”

Ricki Lake tackled hefty topics, like body image. While I love and appreciate her for opening up the dialogue, the show’s title…wow.

3. “9 Shows, 11 Men Later…Will I Finally Find The Father Today?”

There’s no way that anyone should need this many paternity tests for one baby. How many men have you been with within one day, week or month? SMH.

4. “I’m A Sex Escort … And A Man!”

She recently revealed to her boyfriend that she’s an escort, but she brought him on Jerry Springer to tell him that she’s also a he!

5. “You Slept With My Stripper Sister!”

Her sister brought her on Jerry Springer to tell her that she’s sorry for sleeping with her boyfriend…again. Whet?!

6. “I’m Your Pimp, Not Your Boyfriend”

A pimp reached out to Jerry Springer so that he could bring on one of his prostitutes and let her know that she is not his girl. Well then.

7. “You’re Not My Girlfriend, You’re My Stalker!”

What’s the difference between a stalker and a girlfriend? Let Jerry Springer’s guest tell you.

8. “Am I Pregnant By A Gay Man?”

How does this happen?

9. “Honey, Meet My Mistress”

Leave it to Jerry Springer to have a man introduce his woman to his mistress.

10. “I Slept With Your Girlfriend & Mom”

He wins the worst boyfriend of the year award, hands down.

11. “I Play People Outside My Race!”

In this case, “play” translates as wrong-doing or treating your significant other wrong because you know you can. The people who came on this show admitted they like to play men who are outside of their race. Why? Watch!

12. “I Cheated Because You’re Fat”

And you’re not? Sir…!

13. “I’m Psychic, He’s Cheating”

Listen, when this woman said she’s psychic and was asked what she sees, she said, “I’m about to kick some ass.” Why Lord?

14. “Dad, I’m A Pregnant Prostitute”

Thank you Jerry Springer for introducing us to the pregnant prostitute. My life is complete.

15. “Married To Your Dad, But Want You Back”

The Jerry Springer Show has become one of the biggest jokes of all the talk shows on TV. Case in point–this particular show.

16. “My Fear Of Mustard & Pickles Is Ruining My Life”

Everyone has fears, but Maury has a way of exploiting the weirdest of fears and I’m like…bwahahahaaa!

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