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Today the world honors Martin Luther King Jr., the man who inspired us all to fight for change. Now more than ever, his mission to bring unity to Black people while fighting for basic human and civil rights ring loud and clear. If you’ve ever doubted White privilege, then watching White supremacist storm the Capitol building while walking away with little to no injuries will make you a believer. The racial injustice of our society proves that the fight for equality must continue.

Black people celebrate their Blackness every single day but there are some days we’re known to go all out. For MLK Day, Juneteenth, and all of February we like to take our unapologetic Blackness to another level! With the heavy emphasis on shopping Black and keeping the Black dollar circulating, it may be beneficial to show these brands some loving on this important day in Black history.


My Pride Apparel Source:My Pride Apparel Shop Now

Black Lives Matter, no matter the language used to say it.

Make a powerful statement in My Pride Apparel’s sweater that reads Black Lives Matter in sign language. If this design isn’t your cup of tea, you can visit their shop to see a variety of pro-Black shirts and sweaters.


Power in Black Source:Power in Black Shop Now

January 20th marks the end of bizarre 4 years in American history. It truly is the end of an ERROR. If you like this shirt, then you’ll love the collection of pro-Black tees that highlight our strength and endurance.


Essence Design Shop Source:Essence Design Shop Shop Now

“My philosophy is very simple… when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, say something. Do something. Get out there and push, and stand up, and speak out, and get in the way the same that my generation got in the way. Get in trouble. Good trouble. Necessary trouble… and help redeem the soul of America!” -John Lewis

John Lewis’ quote on getting into trouble has never been more relevant. Essence Design Shop highlighted the civil rights leader by putting a snippet of his words on a shirt. Genius.


Melanin Money Source:Melanin Money Shop Now

Black women lead the pack of the most educated people in America. In addition, Black women have become the fastest growing groups of entrepreneurs. We might be over looked and under-funded, but we continue to build houses with our short end of the stick.

Melanin Money’s Black Brilliant Millionaire in the Making speaks to the resilience of our people. We’re gonna make it, regardless of the unequal playing ground.



Culture Vibes Source:Culture Vibes Shop Now

When I saw Culture Vibes’ “Keep Calm, It’s Only Melanin. No need to call the cops” shirt, it made me think of every single time a Black person’s peace was disturbed because they decided to exist around White people. 

This shirt is a must-have for your closets. Judging by our current climate, you might end up wearing it on a day that someone decides to test your patience. 

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