1. A Ranking Of America’s Most Bikini-Ready Cities

This ranking doesn’t necessarily mean that the city coming in at #1 is the most fit U.S. city. This ranking shows results from (a free service that makes it quick and easy to book local appointments). They calculated the average amount spent in each U.S. city for bikini-related services such as waxing, tanning, personal training, pilates, electrolysis and laser hair removal. See who spends the most!

2. 20. Detroit

Kinda surprising that the women of Detroit spend the least amount of money on getting their bodies plucked and tucked for bikini season. (Actually, they’re tied with Orlando). Go figure!

3. 19. Orlando

It’s no surprise that a beautiful city like Orlando breeds women who only need to spend an average $78 per person on getting their bodies right for bikini season.

4. 18. Denver

Who would have guessed that the women of Denver are so ready for bikinis, they only spend $85 per person to prep their bodies for rocking bikinis.

5. 17. Miami

The beautiful women of Miami are spending only $86 to prep for the summer. But that’s no fair because they’re always prepped for bikinis!

6. 16. Boston

Boston’s such a beautiful city, so it’s no wonder that the women there are also beautiful. They only spend an average of $89 per person to get plucked and tucked for bikini season.

7. 15. Houston

Beyonce’s hometown spends only $90 to get right and tight for the summer.

8. 14. Tampa

The ladies of sunny Tampa spend the same as the peaches of Atlanta on their bikini prep–$94.

9. 13. Atlanta

The women in this peachy city spends $94 on getting their bodies right for bikinis.

10. 12. Sacramento

The good people of Sacramento spend $95 on prepping their bodies for bikini season.

11. 11. Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital spends about $96 per person on getting their bodies right.

12. 10. Los Angeles

Surprisingly, the people of the city of angels only spend about $96 per person to get bikini-ready, maybe it’s because so many of them stay bikini-ready all year?

13. 9. Phoenix

This desert city spend about $97 per person on getting ready for bikini weather.

14. 8. Cleveland

The people of Cleveland are right alongside the people of Philadelphia in what they spend on getting bikini-read–$98.

15. 7. Philadelphia

The city of brotherly love is all about spending in a responsible way to prep themselves for bikini-wearing season! They spend $98 per person.

16. 6. Chicago

The folks in the windy city drop an average of $100 per person to prep for bikini season.

17. 5. Dallas/Ft. Worth

Everything’s bigger in Texas, especially the price tag that many women pay to get their bodies right and tight for their bikinis. These southerners drop $109 per person for bikini prep.

18. 4. Minneapolis

Midwesterners must all have major summer travel plans because they spend about $110 each on prepping for bikini season, even though there’s no beaches there.

19. 3. San Francisco

Spending $113 per person on average to prep for bikini season, the people in San Francisco want to let all the beautiful sun kiss their exposed skin.

20. 2. Seattle

Even though this Emerald City is known for its frequent rainfall, the folks who live here are still serious about prepping for bikini season. They spend an average of $114 per person.

21. 1. New York City

New Yorkers spend an average of $117 per person on services to prep their bodies for bikini season.

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