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1. 20 Chic Sweatshirts To Keep You Cozy This Winter (Under $100)

Layer up in style.

2. BeyoncĂ©’s Surfboard, $65

Get cheeky with this cool offering from Beyonce’s online shop.
Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1jIYT46

3. Zoe Karssen, $57 (Sale Alert)

This sweatshirt offers big fun (obviously), and the red and white motif is just in time for V-Day. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1dOY0DL

4. Zoe Karssen, $75 (Sale Alert)

I mustache you a question: are we beauties who don’t speak French still allowed to don this playful, heather gray number? Bien sur! Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1edw9rV

5. Victoria’s Secret, $30 (Sale Alert)

Ladies, find your inner angel at Vickie’s and unleash an even more devilish number on him at night. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/LFRhQx

6. Topshop, $58

Show off your jetsetting side with this peachy pullover. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/KGIe0X

7. Topshop, $90

Cropped, plaid and under $100? What’s not to love? Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1aqflTf

8. Topshop, $70

This playful print is proof that earth tone does not have to equal boring.
Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1dP0Dp8

9. Topshop, $58

Want more bunny for your buck? Get a quick mood booster with this sweatshirt.
Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1dvzSzT

10. Topshop, $60

This Topshop sweatshirt is pure retro swag. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1dP1aY4

11. Mango, $40

Rep your set — for under $50. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1hLBStl

12. Mango, $40

Cat lady? Yes. Lacking style? Never. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1dUrleG

13. Mango, $40

Say it with your chest. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/LFUzTG

14. Eluxe, $75

Check out this cool collabo with Song of Style blog. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1aqgM40

15. Eluxe, $75

Do epic chic. (Another cool collabo with Song of Style). Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/LFVdAD

16. Dimepiece, $90

Love don’t pay the bills. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1edAqf0

17. Champion, $15

Takin’ it way, way back, this Champion is indeed a classic. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1aqh9LO

18. Capitol Couture, $42 (Sale Alert!)

Ms. Keys would be proud. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/KGNbH4

19. Brian Lichtenberg, $100

Rollin’ wit’ da… Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1dUt2Zq

20. Delia’s, $35

Leave it to Delia’s for this childhood fave. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/1aqifXZ

21. Boohoo, $32

Ah, we can feel spring coming already with this floral frock. Shop It Here: http://bit.ly/KGQ8XW

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