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In the past year we have won and lost, BIG! Politically, some would have us to believe that the American flag has been thrown over our heads so that the politicos may have their way with our liberties. Family values and education have become little more than platform buzzwords and the evident deterioration of social […]

Each New Year, we clean out old closets and dust off the knick-knacks and weed out thawing gardens to make room for something new. Do the same for yourselves. • Your chest is for vital organs, not a catch-all closet for grudges and heated debates about what you should have said or done. Make room […]

This year my family is taking our festivities on the road – Home for the holidays! Already I’m anxious. I know how Christmas works at my house – how Santa, barely audible, whistles his team into action so as not to awake the neighboring kids (a ridge vent that ‘whistles’ when the wind hits it […]

If your man is all the friend you need, then try explaining to him why taking off your bra at the threshold feels like OOHWEE! then wonder why he says, “Like peeing in the snow?” We can’t know everything the other is feeling. We’re not psychologically, physiologically or, in this case, biologically equipped to do […]

Heard any of these before: What kind of mother would say such a thing? Any woman that calls herself a wife ought to do better. I would have never done it that way. In my day… Or, have you said them to yourself trying to squeeze into a mold twenty years too small? Are you […]

The state of America’s education agenda is mind-numbingly dumbfounding. Puns absolutely intended. The PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) evaluates by examination the scholastic performance of 15 year-old students among 34 industrialized nations. The 2009 scores of reading, science and math, concludes that the United States ranks 23rd and 25th in reading and math respectively. […]

In continuation of Who’s Minding Your Children, I have compiled a few thoughts of my own and other moms about getting to know who’s who in your play-date circle: • Always suggest a neutral place for the first ‘date to ease the first meeting awkwardness. Chuck E Cheese (or the like) is great as you […]

It’s 3pm and the school bell has rung. You’ve been delaying a play-date with ‘A’ for weeks when you finally meet face to face with A’s mother. Something just does not sit well with you but with two sets of puppy eyes tearing into your heartstrings, what do you do? Bid Adieu! When I was […]

There seems, to me, an elephant in the room. I feel as though I have swerved on the road and caused a collision. There is so much damage that any attempt to sift through the wreckage to salvage what might have been avoided would be trifling, at best. I don’t want to continue on as […]

Thanks to the economy, holiday shopping will be pretty easy now that I have figured out that you cannot in fact squeeze blood from a turnip. I have settled myself with finding something from within to give. I’m gifting from the heart! Of course, I’ve spent so much time making life decisions between this twenty […]

Whatever you celebrate and however you do it, remember the most important part of the season is not the gifts. No really! The best thing about giving and receiving gifts is that brief, and often unnoticed, exchange that occurs just before the deal is done. If someone has thrown you a gift under the melee […]

Comfort is in routine, I find. My routine is waking an hour before everyone else to prepare breakfasts, lunches and shoo everyone out of the door spit shined, pressed and dropped at the schoolyard gate covered with kisses to last them through the day. Routinely, this first shift of my day lasts 2 hours and […]