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Thanks to the economy, holiday shopping will be pretty easy now that I have figured out that you cannot in fact squeeze blood from a turnip. I have settled myself with finding something from within to give. I’m gifting from the heart!

Of course, I’ve spent so much time making life decisions between this twenty dollars and that, that my mind is a frazzle! I will have to dig deep, waaay down to find something within me worth giving. I did what any child would do when they feel beat up… called my mama!

Of course I didn’t tell her, ‘Lord, this fool has tightened the belt and has even programmed the kids to monitor me lest I pull out a credit card.’ My mother loves Christmas like she’s three years old. She would lose her wig and Christmas would never be right again if she knew.

Rather, while we talked about everything under and around the sun, I forgot about my troubles and hee-hawed into the night. She gives me my second wind sometimes, sometimes we laugh until I can’t catch a breath. Many times we work through each other’s days so that one or both of us can rest up to face the next. No matter what we talk about, I can’t wait to talk to her again. She wraps up my loose edges, realigns my priorities, reaffirms my ‘Gurrrl, yes you can!’ even when I don’t believe her. She renews and refuels my spirit.

That’s nice, right? So, I’m thinking I will give some of that!

What Do You Give The Man Who Has All The Joy He Can Stand?

I wonder how the world would spin if we gave people not what wanted, but what they needed? Love, a smile, joy, peace, understanding, a quiet ear, a restful night’s sleep or a raucous romp twixt the sheets!

Of course, you can only give what you have to give so, sprinkle a little love on yourself first. If you notice yourself feeling uplifted after you have trampled someone’s spirit, leave somebody alone for a day. Allow a person to walk away from you with their feelings, dignity, confidence and pride in tact.

It’s not always what you give to someone that will bring a smile or a long-distance hug. Sometimes, it’s what you leave a person with that will keep them smiling long into the New Year.

Comment and share how you will change your giving this year.

Is Money A Thoughtful Gift?

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