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There seems, to me, an elephant in the room. I feel as though I have swerved on the road and caused a collision. There is so much damage that any attempt to sift through the wreckage to salvage what might have been avoided would be trifling, at best. I don’t want to continue on as if I have witnessed nothing, but if we are to proceed toward the good that awaits us in this life, we are best to let that matter handle itself.

Thing is, I believe in us as a people and, as a community of women – especially, our women. There are so many of us that do not get the publicity, the high-fives, the daily runs on the internet that those who bare their chests, asses and moral closets expect and receive. Yet, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t here. We are, and we are functioning – married or singly, in families or as heads of households with 2, 3, 4, 5 babies. Those who are making it with a sense of self-respect that would be appreciated by those who birthed us, Black women, are the majority and by that we are carrying the weight of the lot of us.

Any undertaking, in any direction, takes as much looking back as looking ahead; still, in either direction you must know what you are looking for. We come from women of pride yes, of strong will and dogged determination to be sure and it didn’t matter how ‘black’ one was, her character would ‘out-shadow’ the darkest of them. Because of her color, her character may have been tried and forged but never would she attribute her shortcomings to her color. To believe that we act this way, or another, because we are Black would be to spit on their grave.

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If our equation were devoid of race, and I do not say this ignorant of the fact that this ‘peculiar’ situation of ours is not as American as it is, but considering the sum of the parts stipulated by Martin Luther King, Jr. before those who would keep us from our just equity – what do we speak of our creed and character? Of the three, has it come that our color is our only discerning characteristic? We, as Black women, are not just the way we are and taking on behaviors to ‘be Black’ is ridiculous.

To move ahead is to look ahead. If we believe in nothing else, we have to at least believe that there is a better ‘us’ before us. So what if you are not residing where you want to, not driving what you want to, still waiting on the person specially designed for you… YET. If you believe that your current station – mentally, geographically, financially – is temporary and color-blind, then you are already one step better toward your personal best.

We’re moving on.

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