Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made headlines recently with their announcement that they’re having a baby. And if you’re wondering what would this uber rich couple would want for their baby who could have ANYTHING his or her little heart desires, I’ve scoured the internet to pick out the most luxurious items that would look great in baby Kimye’s nursery.

1. Fantasy Coach

Fantasy Coach

Daddy’s dark twisted fantasy comes to life! This Fantasy Coach is great to play in, and cozy enough to sleep in. One of PoshTots’s most talked-about pieces is reminiscent of Cinderella’s stage coach, handcrafted in England of wood and fiberglass. $47,000.

2. Petit Tresor Notte Fatata Cradle

Petit Tresor Notte Fatata Cradle

Kimye and Kris Jenner will have a few tales to share with the new addition while rocking him or her in this cradle at a whopping $6,720.00.

3. Royalty Cribs For Two!

Royalty Cribs For Two!

If the couple have twins, they can take a page out of this nursery that was specifically designed by AFK for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon at $3,650 each.

4. AFK French Changer & Changing Tray

AFK French Changer & Changing Tray

The French changer combines Old World elegance with the modern convenience of a changing table. $3,963.00

5. Antoinette Baby Bedding

Antoinette Baby Bedding

Fit for a fairytale, and this baby will definitely live a fairytale lifestyle, the Antoinette Baby Bedding is simply stunning. $2.012.00

6. Little Princess Bench

Little Princess Bench

This Poshtots heirloom piece will surely be passed down to the couple’s second child or three!! $1,994.00

7. Sailing Ship Crystal Chandelier

Sailing Ship Crystal Chandelier

What little boy wouldn’t want a sailing ship chandelier in his room? This chandelier features opulent crystals draped over the sails and from bow to stern. $3,341.00

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