Invade Your Space

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It’s hard enough to share your space with a roommate. But in an environment where you’re sharing closet space and laundry duty with your loved ones things can get really tense, and well as women, we just take over. His space becomes our space, our space becomes my space–and then we’re arguing over why I […]

I think we are all guilty of buying that same white shirt–6 times. Sadly, when we do venture out to the wild side of style, that animal print shirt sits quietly in the corner of our closet. Mainly because most of us, who aren’t stylists, have no idea how to pair our bold pieces with […]

Four months ago, you purchased a really cute blouse. You went home, tried it on then stored it in your closet. Unfortunately, your closet is stuffed with items you haven’t worn since two jean sizes ago and that cute top you bought, has been lost in retail abyss. In this installment of “Invade Your Space,” […]

Deion Sanders and Tracy Edmonds has confirmed to “The Insider” that they are currently working on a reality show together. Deion and Tracey, who runs her own production company, says the show will focus on Deion’s life and it will explore the drama with soon to be ex-wife Pilar Sanders. We can all imagine how […]

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