A close up Camara AUnique Beauty Lashes


Celebrity Makeup Artist Camara AUnique Beauty Lashes Are Top Notch

By: Shamika Sanders

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A close up Camara AUnique Beauty Lashes

The power of a good lash cannot be underestimated. You can be completely barefaced, and the right lash will make your face pop. While individual lash sets are growing increasingly popular, strip lashes are still in demand. Celebrity makeup artist Camara Aunique has blessed the faces of celebs like Angela Bassett, Naturi Naughton, Hanifa, and so many more familiar faces. Most recently, Hanifa designer Anifa M. graced the red carpet of Glamour’s Woman Of The Year” awards wearing Camara AUnique Beauty’s Ruth and Deborah lash, and at the CFDA Awards, where she bat a lash in this stunning red gown.

Camara Aunique originally launched her beauty brand Camara AUnique Beauty, in February of 2018, with luxurious lashes named after her celebrity clientele. There was the Ava Lash Named after Ava Duvernay, the June Lash named after June Ambrose, and the Lisa Lash named after Lisa Price — the founder of Carol’s daughter, and more. But Camara felt God was calling her in a different direction and she turned the Camara AUnique brand into the first faith-based beauty line. Her lash names took on new meaning, with names of women in the Bible.

Since its inception, “Camara A Unique Beauty has sought to represent women of all shapes, sizes and colors,”; said Camara. “This brand is helping women see their beauty through the eyes of God,” she added.

According to the website, Camara AUnique lashes are made of faux mink, last up to 25 uses, and are perfect for all eye shapes.

In an interview with Essence, while discussing the full circle moment of selling her products at Bloomingdales in Short Hills Mall for a day, Camara revealed she was inspired to create her line “for the women who felt left out.” “You know, the everyday woman, the woman suffering from alopecia, and the women who lost their lashes due to chemo,” she said. “Those women still want to feel beautiful no matter what they’re going through. So I made sure I created a product that works for all women and allows them to feel and look beautiful. I call my lashes a “thoughtful lash line.”

Camara Aunique makes strip lash application easy with her Strength Liner which is a liner for your lid that doubles as lash glue.

To easily apply your Camara AUnique Beauty lashes, Camara shared this tutorial:

First, grab your Camara AUnique Beauty lashes and Strength Eyeliner and Glue. Looking down into a mirror, take your glue and draw a line across your lid. Give about 2-3 coats for extra security. Look down into a handheld mirror and press your lash onto the outer corner and secure.

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