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It’s national lash day! Today, we celebrate those glamorous strips that can enhance any beauty look in the most glorious of ways.

We get it, lashes aren’t the easiest makeup staple to perfect. It took us a while too. You might be intimidated by the process or overwhelmed by the many options in the lash lane at the beauty supply store. Feeling defeated? Your digital girlfriend is here to the rescue.

Let’s break it down 5 tips to make you a lash success!

  • You’re bound to make a mistake and misplace your lash while trying to get it on in the beginning. Make sure to use a glue that dries clear rather than black! This way once you get the lash on, the areas that touched the glue are unnoticeable.
  • Allow your glue to get tacky. When you initially put the glue on your strip, it’s too wet to adhere. Let it sit for a few seconds before attempting to apply the strip.
  • Cut your lashes. Lots of women find lashes to be uncomfortable. More often than not it’s because they’re lash isn’t fitting properly! If it hurts when it’s on or it’s jabbing you, it needs to be cut. Just take some scissors and cut from the outside of the lash.
  • If the band of the lash is too thick, it’s harder to put on. Try using a lash that has a clear band in-between each little cluster of hair so that it’s more easily pliable and easier to stick.
  • KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. I know it sounds impossible but you’ll get the hang of it! When you’re closing one eye to put on your lash, you’re likely clenching it shut. This makes the skin closest to your natural lashes inaccessible. With your eye open, you can more easily access this skin getting the lash as close to your natural lashes as possible to make the lash appear more natural.

Ready to give it another try?

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