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The entrepreneur accused her ex of not paying child support on Father's Day.

Chadwick exemplified de powuh of de black pantha by sharing the stage with a real life hero.

The controversial lyricist was found dead in his car Monday afternoon.

Kardashian is on a mission to prove her influence extends beyond social media into the justice system.

On the 24th anniversary of the famous O.J. white Bronco chase, Malcolm-Jamaal Warner explains how he felt recreating the scene for "American Crime: The People Vs. OJ Simpson."

Father's Day can be a time of love or anxiety, depending on your relationship with your dad. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 23.6 percent of American children grow up without fathers in their household, so it's no surprise that many people dread Father's Day as a reminder of their childhood.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of rooting for everybody black.

This week Shamika Sanders, Brande Victorian, and guest host Tracy G. explore the topic of daddy issues and can you still have them even if your dad was present in your life.