Who doesn’t want a flat, firm sexy stomach, especially as summer gets closer and closer? What busy woman and mom doesn’t want to lose stomach fat and finally feel good wearing her swimsuit or tight tank top and skinny jeans?

I can count on one hand the number of women I’ve trained who were totally satisfied with their stomachs, and I’ve been training women for years and have logged thousands of personal training sessions.

But what does it take to get that flat, firm stomach? How does a woman lose stomach fat? Does she really need to do lots of crunches, buy the latest gizmo, follow some weird diet or go on mind-numbingly boring walks or jogs with her friends?

In short, no. I’m going to reveal to you the top 3 secrets to flat, firm abs for ladies. Follow them and you will lose stomach fat and you will have that flat sexy tummy you want.

1. Nutrition is Key.

You really can’t overlook nutrition. You’re probably saying to yourself “No kidding, smart guy.”, but I’m serious. No workout will ever outperform a bad eating plan, no matter how tough the workout plan may be. You just can’t look past your nutrition.

That doesn’t mean that you need to eat like a bird, nor does it mean you need to stick with some crazy fad diet that your co-worker, sister, mom, or the other moms at the park told you about.

You need to eat sensibly and you need to eat more than you think. First you need to cut out all the processed carbohydrates found in boxes and bags, yes that includes all those so-called “healthy” crackers and snacks. Most are wolves in sheep’s clothing that will do nothing but make you gain fat, especially stomach fat.

You need to consume lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. You may have heard that fruits make you fat because they’ve got too much sugar, but that’s a total lie. I’ve never known anyone who eats lots of fruit and gets fat. Quite the contrary, everyone I know who eats lots of fresh fruit is very lean with very little body fat and the majority of them have flat, firm stomachs that look awesome in tank-tops and swimsuits. So stick with fresh fruits and veggies if you want to lose stomach fat and get that flat, firm stomach.

You also need to make sure you’re getting enough protein. That doesn’t mean you need to eat tons of meat, though. You can get plenty of protein by consuming lots of healthy nuts and legumes like almonds, peanuts, black and white beans, etc.

Whole-grains are also a good source of protein as is soy.

However if you’re going to get your protein from meat sources or dairy, just make sure it’s low in fat and if at all possible organic.

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2. Switch from long steady-state boring cardio to interval training.

Long, steady state cardio is a favorite for ladies wanting to lose stomach fat and get that firm, flat stomach. I always see women out on the sidewalks, streets and bike trails with their friends walking for hours upon hours everyday hoping to get rid of their stomach fat, yet most of them look the same today as they did a couple months ago.

That’s because long, steady state cardio as a means to lose stomach fat is a thing of the past, especially for a busy woman like you.

There’s a better way and that better way is through interval training.

Doing interval training doesn’t mean you have to turn yourself into some kind of world-class sprinter or “hardcore” athlete. It just means you have to step up your intensity every 60-90 seconds and work harder.


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