You know how they say the pill is only 99.9% effective? Well, here’s proof that that .1% really and truly DOES exist. Carly O’Brien, of the United Kingdom, didn’t beat the odds just once, but TWICE – and just gave birth to her second set of twins, all while being on the pill.

Says Daily Mail,

The 22-year-old and her partner John Grant, 28, were amazed when she gave birth to her first set of twins Brandon and Daisy.

Now, two years on, Carly has stunned experts by giving birth to another miracle set of twins – Dylan and Lilly.

Carly said: ‘It’s amazing that Brandon and Daisy were born in October 2006, when I was on the pill, and now Lilly and Dylan are here too.

‘Everyone I’ve spoken to, all my friends and family and even the staff at the hospital, say they have never known anything like it.

‘It was a massive shock, but we’re delighted of course, as we now have four beautiful healthy children aged less than three.’

Carly, from Portsmouth, Hants, had been using the contraceptive pill since she was 17 and never imagined she could get pregnant while using it.

She and John, who installs air conditioning units, had been together for only a year and having children had not crossed their minds.

But when Carly missed a period and started being sick, she may be pregnant.

A pregnancy test confirmed it but it wasn’t until her 12 week scan she discovered she was carrying twins.

To read the rest of the article, click here. If that’s not incentive to wear condoms, I don’t know what is.

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