No matter where you go to the gym there always seems to be that one guy or girl who becomes the center of attention. From grunting while lifting weights to talking endlessly when you’re already pressed for time, they just don’t seem to get it.

Here’s some gym etiquette I wish everyone would practice:

Don’t be stinky. I understand not showering before working out. Just please don’t load up on perfume and cologne. And if you were out carousing at a bar last night, a shower IS required. I don’t want to smell your smoky sweat.

Respect the signs. By that, I mean: Respecting posted time limits on cardio equipment, no butting in line in the weight circuit, and no chattering on your cell phone.

Be on time. I don’t need you interrupting my sun salutations. And if you are just a few minutes late, enter quietly, don’t slam the door and find a spot in the back.

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Clean up after yourself. Put weights away — especially if you’ve loaded up a Smith machine with superheavy weights. (Sorry, we can’t all lift and maneuver 50 pound weights.) Wipe your personal fluids off the back of the weight bench.

It’s not all about you. Sure you may only have half an hour in your schedule for the gym, but remember to be respectful. This isn’t your personal gym.

Break these 5 fitness rules now!

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