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Lace front wigs are taking weave and wig wearers by storm! Everywhere you look, you see lace fronts of every length and color possible!!! You’ve seen Beyonce wear them (when doesn’t she wear one?), I’m convinced Tyra swears by them, and even the late Michael Jackson  had his  share of lace fronts.

To put in plainly, lace front wigs (aka lace units), makes it look like hair is growing out of your scalp, and can look really natural. The wigs use lace, and tie individual hairs through it. You can also find lace pieces that can be used as bangs or just for the front of hair.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this  “invention.” Please don’t get me wrong, I’m always impressed when people come up with new, innovative ways to rock weaves.

If worn in good taste, they can look really beautiful and natural.

But they can also look awful.  Super, doper awful. I mean atrocious. Scary!

How do you feel about lace fronts?

Would you (or do you) think you could ever wear a lace front?

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