The battle is still on. Neffe, probably before she went into labor, went on Twitter again this time putting Kim’s email on blast. Check out the tweets plus Kim’s response below:

This ish gets more ignorant everyday….

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Missed out on the original beef? Backtrack down here for the juicy details!

Now we’ve got the tweets before the whole phone posting debacle that happened last week between Kim Zolciak (from the Real Housewives of Atlanta) and Neffe (Keyshia Cole’s sister). Take a peek at what insults Kim slug Neffe’s way. But wait, does this mean that Twitter profile is Neffe’s? Someone’s not telling the full truth here….

Now Neffe is claiming that therealneffe on Twitter is a FAKE account and not actually her. This means that the whole situation was a misunderstanding then…how convenient. Check out what she posted to Global Grind:

It was a rude awakening to start my day receiving phone calls about some so-called “twitter beef” I have going on with one of the Atlanta Housewives and one that I don’t even really know. First of all, this twitter account circulating with my name is NOT ME. I don’t even really twitter and I especially wouldn’t spend energy to post anyone’s personal information on a world-wide forum, for what? That serves no purpose to me. Secondly, I am raising a family and have too many daily responsibilities that take up too much of my valuable time t o be involving myself in some petty, childish foolishness.

And please know that I must be growing and changing because even though I am mad as hell that someone feels the need to misrepresent me in the most unnecessary way, I refuse to get involved in a catty battle with someone that I don’t even know. So to the haters, sorry to disappoint if you were expecting me to revert back to behaviors of the past, but I have too much joy in my life to have it be compromised by a false rumor. And with that said, I look forward to really getting deep into this blog and sharing experiences and asking you guys questions that will hopefully move us all in a more positive direction.

Not sure if we buy this one…check out the original tweets below…

Keyshia Cole’s sister Neffe decided it would be a great idea to post Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak’s cell number on Twitter last night and has ignited a full out battle that includes threats of legal action!! Check out the tweets below:

This completely proves that the Cole family is absolutely nuts. We’re waiting for Frankie to get in on the action soon…

Check out the photos of Frankie and Neffe’s premiere party here!

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