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Tilane Jones here, just stopping by from I wanted to give you some goodies from our recent interview with world renowned fashion model Beverly Johnson. This magnificent woman has done it all! That includes being the first Black woman to grace the cover of Vogue magazine in 1974. By 1975, every major American fashion designer began using African American models. This trailblazer opened up doors to the supermodels of today. We wanted to find out more about her career and how she felt her influence has left its mark.

When we asked Beverly how she got start in modeling she gave praise to one lady, “Colby Pleasant managed a store on Fifth Avenue in New York City and she was the one that got me my first interview with Glamour Magazine.” After that first interview, Beverly explains that “I immediately started working at Vogue and Glamour Magazine, immediately.” Well, thank goodness for Colby Pleasant! She helped to start a career that is still touching the fashion world 35 years later. Upon reflection, Beverly states that the one thing that affected her career the most was, “That Vogue cover because of its historical nature but of course I didn’t know it at the time.” She further explained that, “You know, every model wants to be on the cover of Vogue so I really didn’t know that it would have the impact it had and that it continues to have.”

Beverly still influences the fashion industry with her Beverly Johnson Hair Collection and as a celebrity judge on TV Land’s reality show She’s Got the Look. With everything on her plate we wondered how she stayed in such great shape, “I play or I practice golf everyday” in combination with her own cardio program and recently hiring a trainer to help target the tough spot. Now that sounds like a fun way to squeeze a work out into an already crammed day.

We thought if a busy woman like Beverly could find fun ways to get a work out in then we needed to find out a way to do it, too. Of course, always consult a physician before you start any rigorous work out regimen. After you’ve gotten the thumbs up, here are a few fun activities that can help get in that 30 minutes of much needed exercise.

Get your skates out! Yes we know you haven’t put those skates on in years but this is the time to pull them back out. Make this an excuse to go to your local skating rink or down to your local beach boardwalk. You could burn up to 315 calories in 30 mins and the bonus is; it is fun! Your local Target store carries roller skates and roller blades that range anywhere from $45 to $80.

Take it to a higher level! Try taking the stairs. Whether you are in your office building, at home or even the parking lot at your local mall, you can do stairs almost anywhere. Walking stairs at a moderate pace for 30 mins or more can burn anywhere from 300-500 calories. Make it fun by bringing a partner along or pull out the Ipod and listen to that book that you haven’t been able to pick up and read. Also make sure to have on some comfortable athletic sneakers. We like Brooks’ brand Adrenaline ASR 6 trail sneaker which run about $105.00.

This is a toe tapper! Stand on your toes. No one likes standing in line. Get the full benefits of your time by getting a leg and butt workout while you are waiting. Stand with your heels flat and your legs shoulder width apart. Using only the muscles of your legs, get up on your tip toes and hold for three seconds and release. Start out doing eight to ten reps per set. Make sure to rest a few seconds between each set. The best part about this workout is that it’s FREE!

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