Beverly Johnson used the appetite-surpressing drug to maintain her slim physique.

These Black female super models have greatly influenced fashion with their melanin, runway strut and fearlessness.

The first woman to be on the cover of Vogue proposes that every publication should require two Black professionals to be interviewed for influential positions.


In a snub to #OscarsSoWhite the supermodel shines in an all black look!

Bill Cosby has called out supermodel Beverly Johnson in a defamation lawsuit, claiming she’s using her accusations against him to stage a comeback. The comedian has been under fire since last year, when dozens of women began to step forward alleging that Bill had sexually assaulted them years ago. Among them was supermodel Beverly Johnson, […]

"I just feel that he's a lightening rod for a much bigger conversation, and that conversation would be the rape culture in America."

DoNotUse-1, HelloBuzz

Beverly Johnson to dish all her dirt in a memoir coming out on August 25.

"I see that a lot of them are relieved, vindicated and validated and that's good. Perhaps maybe now we can start a healing process."


Evidence has surfaced from a 2005 lawsuit where Bill Cosby admitted that he drugged a woman.