After a week of getting a bit off track, I figured I was going to get back in shape. I even got a few of you guys hyped up, so I have to practice what I preach, right? Well, I had no choice! After my NY trip, I was on my way to Maryland for a few days. I called my girl, Dana to let her know what time to pick me up and she said with a little hesitation in her voice, “You know…we are eating mostly RAW now, right?”

“Oh? Great.” I mumbled.

She laughed, “Girl, you’ll be fine.”

Well, this is what I get, huh? I had no idea I was headed to Fat Camp aka “Spiritual Essence Yoga” Bootcamp. Only vegan dishes, but 80% raw dishes. Tofu-time here we come! I was up for the challenge and I had eaten at her house before and was diggin’ the tofu meals she made before so, it couldn’t be that bad, right?

That afternoon when she picked me up, she handed me a bowl of pink grapefruit (which I usually don’t like) and mango. It tasted DEEE- LIOUS together. How’s that for hospitality after a long bus ride? You gotta love my friends! LOL Next stop, Whole Food supermarket. I picked up some fruits and veggies that I liked and a can of Wild Salmon. I know I needed something, since she had no ‘flesh’ in her house. Flesh just sounds nasty, doesn’t it? My mother-in-law who is a hardcore vegan teases me about dining at the MORGUE. How’s that for a visual? If anything would make you think about become a vegetarian that would do it!

Anyhooo..I digress. That night we did a yoga class called 108 Sun Salutations. Honestly, I probably did about 100 and the other eight were in child’s pose panting and sweating. But I did it! After that, I was good, I thought I would sleep late the next morning, I’m on vacation sort of. NOT!

I heard a knock on my door and rolled over with one eye open to see Dana smiling all bright eyed and happy holding a berry smoothie in her hand, “Good Morning! Ready for yoga?”

I growled, “I wanna sleep….”

“Nope, we got class in 40 minutes. Get up!” I looked at my cell and saw she texted me 30 minutes before with the words, “WAKE UP!” LOL

The Yoga Diva they call her, how about the Yoga Drill Sergeant. I know my trainer Justice would high five her for getting me up and at ‘em.

I had a great time and did so much yoga I made up for those chicken wings at Amy Ruth’s Soul Food and not exercising as much while in NY. Not only did I eat extremely healthy, I was surprisingly always satisfied and not starving.

I even learned how to make fried with tofu, scrambled tofu (taste like real eggs, no kidding!), and even love the taste of Nori (seaweed). Who knew?!

I realized that being a semi-vegetarian wasn’t’ as bad as I though. I was inspired by Dana to make some minor changes and I realized rice and bread weren’t even missed. However, I did beg, yes beg for a treat. Her darling hubby took me to Starbucks. It was just one time! I got a small hot chocolate and look what happened to me after:

This is your brain on Starbucks!

I missed a few stairs after a sugar rush. Stay away from the crack!

Tip of the week from my trainer, Justice:

“Many people go on restrictive diets in order to make a difference in their fitness lifestyle. I know a few Personal Trainers who highly recommend it, however I do not mainly because people have a hard time understanding the reasoning behind such restrictions.

Most people require restrictions not because the food causes fat gain, but its because the abuse of foods causes fat gains. We all have heard the time honored saying “too much of anything is not good for you”. Well, this holds true with any number of foods. So, it is not that one piece of chocolate is going to cause 15 pounds of fat to appear; it’s the abuse of it or the lack of control. We tend to ignore our inability to have self control and or choose not to make an asserted effort to gain control.

So, as a reward a hot chocolate is okay, but to have one every night is not. A cake (one piece not half a cake) is okay once a week, but not every day. You get the picture. Avoid the SINS (Seeing It Now Syndrome).” Justice

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