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Rose Quartz nail tutorial

Source: Anika Kai / Anika Kai

This rose quartz mani was surprisingly easy to DIY, and all the tools you need are only a Prime delivery away! You can recreate it at home with a UV-formulated base coat, sheer pink and white gel polish, and a nail art brush.

I started by applying coffin-shaped nail tips that came with the Amazon Gel X Kit.

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Once those were on, I layered two coats of pink sheer gel polish and cured each coat for 60 seconds. Next, I added a generous layer of base coat and, without curing, painted streaks of white gel polish. I’ve found the best way to get a realistic effect is to reference pictures of rose quartz or marble. The more variation, the better!

Rose Quartz nail tutorial

Source: Anika Kai / Anika Kai

Once I was happy with the design, I cured each nail under a UV lamp for an additional 60 seconds. This time I chose a shiny top coat but for a chic alternative finish, try using a matte one instead!

Have fun experimenting with this technique with whatever colors you’ve got on hand for a unique marble effect! Watch the full tutorial below, and while you’re there, like and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more beauty content!

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