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Comedian and thriving beautypreneur B.Simone may have shared a little bit too much about her daily hygiene regimen, or lack thereof.

This week, while chatting on her Know For Sure podcast with co-host Megan Brooks and guest Desi Banks, B. Simone revealed she doesn’t shower every day. “I don’t shower every day, is that nasty?” she asked both stars, prompting Banks to ask, “Is that a normal thing for women, like you can miss two days?

Simone went on to explain her infrequent bathing schedule, telling Brooks and Banks that she could go two full days without hitting the shower unless she was “thugging it.”

“So, if you take a shower on Monday when’s the next time you take a shower?” Brooks asked, to which Simone replied:

“At least by Wednesday….but I mean a Thursday probably has happened. Like if we are super busy, I’d rather sleep than shower,” she chuckled.

After the clip went viral, Twitter lit up with reactions to the beauty and fashion CEO’s funky confession.

“So B. Simone said she doesn’t shower daily & that’s weird as hell coming from a Black woman,” wrote one Twitter user. While another person tweeted:

“So B. Simone doesn’t shower every day. That’s gross. Don’t care, not doing it. I take 2-3 showers a day. I hate odors & smells coming from women, a shower a day is MANDATORY. Who is teaching these women hygiene?!”

Well, it looks like the star’s showering confession may have been a smart marketing tactic to promote a sale that’s currently going on her B.Simone Beauty Site. After stirring up controversy online, Simone took to Instagram with a video that captured her taking a soapy shower.

“Damn, ya’ll want me to be in the shower so damn bad!” she said before teasing her 50 percent off sale. “You know why I chose the number 50, because 50 percent of yall are lying in them comments,” the comedian joked. “I smell you, okay!”

Watch B.Simone’s funny video below.


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