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Black Don’t Crack: Ashanti’s Beaming Smile And Glowing Skin Confuses Comedians Courtney Bee, Kim Hylton, And Gray Rizzy


On this episode of Black Don’t Crack, Courtney Bee, Kim Hylton, and Gray Rizzy dissect the youthful, effervescent glow of singer and actress Ashanti.

If you look up ageless in the dictionary, you’ll see Ashanti’s perfectly toned physique and bright smile beaming back at you. The Grammy-Award-winning artist has blessed us with hits for over 20 years, and she looks just as good now as she did when she first stepped onto the music scene. In addition to supplying us with chart-topping hits, the singer serves top-tier style in the fashion department. Her red carpet appearances can rival any 20-something in the industry, and that is a blessing. So what’s her secret? Ashanti has proven to be unproblematic. Her ability to stay in the public eye with nothing but positive vibes surrounding her is clearly the formula to her successful career and a youthful glow.

At 41 years young, Ashanti defies the law of aging, and in this hilarious episode, Courtney, Kim, and Gray put their eyesight and intuition to the test. This task is no easy feat, as her photos from 21 look just as youthful as the ones from 31. Check out this episode and sound off below! Can you accurately guess Ashanti’s age in these photos?


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