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You’re not only getting a great tan from the sun! Yes, many believe the sunrays are harmful and cause aging with the fear of skin cancer, but really the UV rays have some benefits:

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1. Vitamin D: The Vitamin D your skin is exposed to from the sun is essential for your immune system to work and respond, mood stability, and bone health.

2. Hormones: Not only will your skin look better with a nice golden tan, your mental outlook and sense of well-being enhances simply by catching some rays.

3. Circulation and Heart Health: The sunrays increase the circulation in your body by dilating the blood vessels in the skin. Not only does the sun improve circulation but also it decreases blood pressure that promotes a healthy heart.

4. Detox: Do you need to cleanse your body? Lay out in the sun. The rays improve liver function, which is responsible for removing waste from your body.

5. Skin: Yes less is more when dealing with the sun. As we all know spending too much time in the sun can result in sunspots, aging, and a risk for skin cancer. But with the right protection and timing when being exposed to the rays it can actually increase the healing of skin diseases such as eczema and acne.

6. Metabolism: Yep! The sunshine can boost your metabolism ladies while maintaining blood sugar levels.

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7. Sleeping: there is something called Melatonin that is enhanced with sun exposure. It is a hormone that encourages sleep.

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