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In the 37 years I’ve been on earth, I have never experienced sun burn. But after a quick, much-needed trip to Florida, my skin felt tender and flaky. Because I wasn’t sure how to handle my newly dry and brittle skin, I decided my best bet was to keep it moisturized as often as possible.

It’s hard to believe that this was my first encounter with severe sunburn, but truth be told, I rarely ever used sun screen. I wasn’t sure what my skin would need to return back to normal. I decided to start with a body wash that would soothe my skin and slowly nurse it back to health.

I partnered with SheaMoisture to try their their Meyer Lemon & Mint Invigorating Body Wash. After each wash, I’d coat my skin with some body butter to keep it moisturized.

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While in the shower I would exfoliate the damaged skin with the body wash. Not only was I able to restore some moisture, it left my skin smelling like a bowl of oranges and mangos. Just a few days later, my skin stopped flaking and started glowing.

My sunburn taught me a few lessons about maintaining healthy skin. For one, skin protection is very important, no matter the depth of my melanin. For so long I thought I was exempt from skin damage because of my darker complexion. This trip taught me that the sun doesn’t discriminate. Because SheaMoisture’s body wash is packed with shea butter and uses a plant-based fragrance, I was nourishing my skin with natural, healthy products that would revive my skin.

SheaMoisture Body Wash

Source: SheaMoisture / SheaMoisture

Incorporating SheaMoisture Meyer Lemon & Mint Invigorating Body Wash into my skincare routine along with a good skin moisturizer really contributed to the restoration of my skin. Unlike other body washes that are usually packed with harsh ingredients that strip your skin rather than restore it, SheaMoisture’s formula keeps me glowing.


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