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Naturalistas: it’s not enough just to shampoo and condition your hair. At least once every 10 days, you should invest the time to give your hair a mask. A hair mask helps replenish your hair and depending on the one you use, can bring your hair back to life. As the temperature drops, haircare for natural girls needs to be turned up. During Winter, your hair suffers from dryness, which can lead to breakage. You’ll want to keep your hair extra hydrated. And while you can add leave-in conditioners, shampoo and condition with products that use honey (honey is a humectant and helps lock in moisture), you can also use a mask that will help with moisture retention.

My new favorite hair mask is the Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Rehydration Treatment Masque with Coconut Milk and Acacia Senegal ($12.99, I’ve used this hair mask twice as I write this and I am sold. I feel that a lot of products you have to wait a few weeks for results, not with this rehydration mask! I saw results after my first wash.

I put the product in my hair and instantly my curl pattern took a liking to it. I can tell when my curl pattern really starts to show up and show out that my hair is feeling the product.

I left this in for about 45 minutes; however, it says to leave this product on your hair for 5 minutes and focus on mid-length strands and your ends (hint: not your scalp). I shampoo’d my hair, conditioned it, then used this product. After I washed it out, I shampoo’d again and conditioned.

I stepped out of the shower and didn’t notice that my hair looked shinier and healthier. However, it wasn’t until I unraveled my twists the very next day that I noticed my hair had a whole new life. My hair was hella hydrated and shiny and just looked overall healthy.

Why did this product work so well? It has coconut oil and shea oils. Coconut oil is known to add luster and shine to hair in addition to moisture. Shea oils will strengthen your hair and promote growth. Coconut milk also promotes hair growth while the Acacia Senegal will bring vibrancy back to your hair.

I was instantly obsessed.

Danielle James

Source: Danielle James / Courtesy of Danielle James

The next weekend, I tried this product again. This time, I left the conditioner on for over 24 hours (more = better, right?!). The minute I put my hand in my hair (with the product still in it), I noticed how soft my hair felt.

Danielle James

Source: Danielle James / Courtesy of Danielle James

Leaving it on for 24 hours, some of the product had solidified in my hair but most of it was melted in. I was impressed and happy. I hopped in the shower and washed it out, conditioned and then set out to twist my hair. I decided against using shampoo because I wanted some of the goodness to stay in my hair, so I just rinsed really, really well.

Danielle James

Source: Danielle James / Courtesy of Danielle James

I untwisted my hair the next day and was SO happy! It was soft, looked healthy, and the definition of my curls were popping. This is undoubtedly going to become a regular in my hair regimen. It just feels and looks fuller and like the moisture really retained.

Beauties, have you used Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Rehydration Treatment Masque with Coconut Milk and Acacia Senegal? Have you noticed a difference in your hair? I want to hear from you! Sound off in the comment section!


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