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2020 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

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KeKe Palmer’s style, from her hair to her makeup to her many wardrobe changes, was the highlight of the 2020 MTV VMAs. Thanks to her team of fabulous stylists and artists sis made history as the first Black woman to host the annual award show and do so in fabulous style.

KeKe gave us look after look with a flawless beat as she danced to the beat. Sis didn’t just host, she also took to the stage to perform her single Snack off her new project Virgo Tendencies. Her vibrant makeup was as enthusiastic as her stage presence. We caught up with KeKe’s makeup artist, Mimi Kamara, and got the deets on how she created her colorful performance look and prepped for the big day and how you can recreate the same popping eye.

HelloBeautiful: How did you prepare for KeKe’s many makeup looks for the night of the VMAs?

Mimi Kamara

Source: Courtesy of Mimi Kamara / Instagram

Mimi Kamara: I prepared for KeKe’s many VMA looks by doing tons of makeup, fashion and paint research. The first 10 seconds of her performance were glow in the dark so I needed product that glowed in the dark and also POPPED once those lights came on. I would try something then hate it an hour later. I kept creating ideas on my assistant, but the day of VMAs I freestyled a little.

HB: What was the inspiration for her looks?

Mimi Kamara: I was super inspired by the clothing and hair! Everyone on the team is so talented, so once I saw an outfit, her hairstylist would have an idea, and then I’d get excited and just create. The energy of the client fuels me. I can feel how I make someone feel, and I get really inspired when my client feels GOOD. When she feels Like she’s “THAT” girl and she cannot be f*cked with! Can I curse? Lol!

HB: What makeup brands did you use?

Mimi Kamara: I used Dior Beauty and MAC Cosmetics. For her performance I used Suva Beauty for the eyeliner and Lemonhead Makeup for the neon glitter. We had 10 minutes to remove the glitter and apply a soft Glam face for the final good bye of the VMAS, and I was like “whaattt??!!” I said every prayer I could think of in those 10 minutes! As always, God showed up and out for me!

HB: How can we recreate the look?

Mimi Kamara: The performance look is 2 products for the eyes: the orange Suva eyeliner in Acid Trip and green Lemonhead UV Glitter Balm in Glow Jam. The eyeliner activates with VERY little water. I carved out her crease with an angle Dior makeup brush #25. Then I created a winged liner above her lash line with the same brush. I pressed the GlowJam in between the lines with a Dior #22 eyeshadow brush.

I kept the skin and lips very clean and soft, we really wanted to give the eyes their proper respect!

HB: How would you describe KeKe’s makeup style?

Mimi Kamara: I would describe KeKe’s makeup style as very fresh, clean, flawless skin, girly, and most importantly Open minded. I love that she is willing to try something new and respects craftsmanship!


KeKe Palmer’s Style Was The Highlight Of The VMAs

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KeKe Palmer’s Style Was The Highlight Of The VMAs
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