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The CDC recommends maintaining at least six feet of distance between each person to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. While many of us are able to work from home, there are many industries directly affected, some crippled, by these government sanctions. The makeup industry has been disrupted. Makeup powerhouses Sephora and Ulta have closed their doors to do their part and while we’re being encouraged to shop online, less work means less money. The economy has been hit with a haymaker and for some MUA artists, whose sole income relies on all of the above, they’re in financial furrow.

Four Black makeup artists weigh in.

Mimi Kamara

Celebrity Makeup Artist. Educator

Mimi Kamara

Source: Courtesy of Mimi Kamara / Instagram

I’ve never been one to immediately submit an invoice, preferring to have a larger amount owed to me. This time has been extremely scary, as one of the first things I did was submit and follow-up on every invoice owed to me. Unsure if some businesses will survive the impending recession and if or when I’ll even get paid. Every freelance job I have scheduled for the next month has been canceled, with some clients not knowing if some projects will happen at all.

I’m pressing into my faith now more than ever. Remembering that if it brings me confusion or frustration, it is not of God! Taking a closer look at what and how I spend. Surrounding myself with family and being grateful I also have a full-time job with a Luxury Beauty Brand. I’ve had opportunities to leave, but never quite thought it was my time. Now more than ever, I’m grateful for the security.

Tatiana Ward

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Tatiana Ward and Tierra Milton

Source: Courtesy of Tatiana Ward / Tatiana Ward

I’m losing money like every other industry. I’ve had to cancel and return bridal deposits. I was supposed to do a wedding this weekend in Brooklyn and had to make the tough call to cancel on my poor bride. It’s the first time in my professional career that I’ve ever canceled on a bride. She’s had to cancel her entire wedding and is instead going to the courthouse with no plans to reschedule the wedding. It’s just awful. To add to her nightmare and tell her that I had to cancel was one of the worst moments of my career. She still wanted me to do she and her mother’s makeup and I just had to say no. She completely understood but to let someone down this way took so much out of me.

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Camara AUnique

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Camara AUnique

Source: Erick Robinson / Erick Robinson

It’s like life came to a halt! So I reached out to brands I work with and asked them to pay me up front so I have more money saved. I am grateful I have a product to sell. A lot of people have been supporting me and shopping and I’m finishing up my e-book I’ve been working on. I won’t say my business is suffering I’ve been preparing for a time like this for a while so now it’s like I’m being forced to complete the things I’ve always wanted to do.

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Celebrity Makeup Artist

Anika Stewart

Source: Azikiwe Aboagye / @_azikiwe_

I’m not gonna lie, I was freaking out for the first couple days. As a freelancer, I’m used to financial ebbs and flows, so I stay prayed up and saved up! This is actually an amazing opportunity to not just be self-employed, but to build a business. Everyone is on the internet right now. Use your free time to create a budget, build your brand, network, create content, and learn new skills. Find synergies with your other talents and leverage them to serve others. With the right mindset, you can come out of this stronger than you came in. Don’t get scared, get creative. For more ideas on how to corona-proof your business follow me on Instagram @artfulanika.

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