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Marsha B

Source: Ambitious Shooters Photography / Ambitious Shooters Photography

At the top of the year, I wrote a post about giving up on edge control. Laying my edges was a trend that never really resonated with me. Between my hair texture and this summer heat, society would have to deal with my unkempt baby hair. Until now, I never found a product that would successfully lay my hair down without frizzing up. Enter Marshay Nicole’s Edge Control.

Because I’m so active with hair reviews, I decided to give my hair a break by putting it in a protective style. I wanted something quick and easy that would keep my hands out of my hair for about a week or so. I recently saw my good friend Mia rocking an awesome ninja bun, so I contacted her and asked her to replicate the look for me.

Before Mia came over, she asked me to wash and blow-dry my hair. I assumed that this bun would be achieved with your basic Ecostyler gel or Jam. Once Mia arrived, she instructed me to get a hard brush, bobby pins, the hair, and edge control. Because I wasn’t a fan of laid edges, I offered gel instead. Mia explained to me that ecostyler gel wouldn’t give me the sleek updo I was looking for. The minute I’d come in contact with humidity, my hair would frizz up instantly, no matter the amount of gel used in my hair.

Marsha B

Source: Ambitious Shooters Photography / Ambitious Shooters Photography

I went through my closet to see if I could locate some edge control. Earlier this year I supported a Black-owned, woman-owned, business that made hair care products. I instantly remembered buying the Marshay Nicole Scalp Growth Oil + Serum, and being gifted with edge control. I pulled it out and handed it over to Mia. She proceeded to use only edge control to put my hair up into a high ponytail. Excuse me for being simple-minded, but no gel? I was amazed!

So let’s get into the Marshay Nicole Edge Control ($20.00, I have never experienced my hair so sleekly laid down, ever. My ninja bun was achieve with no lumps, frizz, or stickiness. I was impressed. I was able to successfully rock this style for 5 whole days and that’s only because I’m transitioning to a braided protective style.

I’m not ashamed to say I may have pre-judged the laid edges movement. Once you find the right product, you can easily slick your hair down to achieve any look you want. My new go-to is Marshay Nicole’s Edge Control. If you see me out in these streets with my edges doing the most, just nod and keep on walking!


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