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Source: Marsha B / Marsha B.

I try a lot of products, okay? It takes a village to maintain this curl pattern. As my hair grows out, I battle with the different textures. I so desperately want to try a wash and go, but my various hair types won’t let me be great.

What I’ve learned about my hair is the longer it grows, the more volume it has. I’ve gotten used to big curls, and I really like it. My experience with a wash and go is that I’m unable to retain the same level of volume. Because the front of my hair lacks curl definition, it often falls flat without a twist out. I was determined to find a solution.


Source: Marsha B / Marsha B.

Alodia Hair Care gifted me a package of their products that included the Nourish & Hydrate Conditioning Shampoo ($14.00,, the Nourish & Hydrate Deep Conditioning Masque ($7.00,, the Curl Enhancing Butter Creme ($14.50,, and the Moisturize and Define Curling Cream Gel ($14.00,

To be honest, I had limited expectations when it came to having a successful wash and go. I mean, this has been years of me testing products and I’ve come to the conclusion that with so many hair textures, it’s impossible to get the results I want. After shampooing, deep conditioning, and moisturizing my hair, I added the Curling Cream Gel and let my hair air dry.

Full disclosure, I didn’t achieve the wash and go that I wanted. Instead, I put the front of my hair in a few two-strand twists. The end result was better than I expected. I got body! My curls were full of movement. I literally got everything I wanted in one wash. Healthy curls, lots of volume, and body. Don’t believe me? Swipe to see a video of my hair doing the most – in a good way.

I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that my hair may never achieve a sexy wash and go. I’m confined to twisting the front of my hair while the back air drys. Regardless of my strategy, I love the end result. The curl definition and volume is so yummy!


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