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Bread haircare

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I have my go-to products, but every now and then I feel the need to switch things up. You can never have too many shampoo and conditioner options, right? I’m always on the hunt for something that is going to leave my hair completely moisturized. While I do have the products that I use faithfully, I have noticed that as my hair grows longer, it reacts differently to certain shampoos and conditioners. 

So here I am again, on the hunt for new products. Luckily for me, I was gifted with a new product specifically for textured hair in the 3a-4c family. Bread Beauty Supply creates products that promote healthy hair. Whether you’re looking to transition from processed to natural, or you’ve already got a routine down packed, their products are sure to whip your hair into shape. 

Okay, so can we get into this packaging? Bread’s Hair-Wash ($20.00, and Hair-Mask $20.00, does not come in a typical bottle. The pouch-like containers look like larger Caprisun drinks but for hair. The Hair-Oil ($24.00, comes in traditional bottle packaging. 

Bread haircare

Source: LinnTVProductions / LinnTVProductions

First and foremost, these products smell goodT (hard T). I mean, the shampoo has an oatmeal smell and the conditioner made me want to put a straw in the nozzle and sip away. Perhaps the most alluring scent was the Hair-Oil. 

The packaging was definitely an adjustment for me. Although a small detail, I found it awkward to maneuver the “bottle” while in the shower. Because it’s a pouch, I wasn’t sure if i’d be pouring too much product into my hands. Despite that minor detail, my hair loved and soaked up both the shampoo and conditioner. 

Here are the results of a twist out with Bread’s Hair-Wash, Hair-Mask, and Hair-Oil. I think my favorite products were definitely the mask and the oil. I’m obsessed with the way they smell and the amount of moisture restored in my hair. You can shop items from the BREAD collection in Sephora as soon as August 28th. 


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