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Yesterday, I hit the one-month mark of cutting off my hair during quarantine. It’s so liberating and edgy, but I slightly underestimated the maintenance. A little over two weeks ago, I dyed my hair strawberry honey blonde to give it that extra pop of summer color, but with color comes extra care. Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve been dabbling in serums, oils, moisturizers and custards to keep my hair healthy and moisturized but I haven’t had a product yet that gives it that extra oomph that I’m looking for. Thankfully, Afro Sheen came in clutch with the care package I received over the weekend to revive my curls overnight and perfect for Monday morning to start the day.

On Sunday morning, I went out for my daily run and then immediately proceeded to take a shower with my new Dove Collection without completely tucking my hair in, which caused my hair to swell up like a balloon. My makeshift Shirley Temple curls from the previous day were completely gone. Throughout the rest of the day, I had my hair tied back into my satin scarf pineapple-style after throwing some NUELE Hair Serum into it for shine and luster. Though still soft and bouncy, once it was time to take the scarf off, I looked absolutely nuts. This was the night when I had to bust open my new Afro Sheen care package to give my hair the extra somethin’ it needed to survive the night. 

They were delightful enough to also gift me with added bonuses including hand sanitizer, a paddle brush, and a portable fan. Shout out to First and Last PR!

Since my sides are shaved Rihanna-style, I attacked the top of my head first with Afro Sheen’s Crown Defining Curl Cream. I lifted the pink and purple holographic top to reveal a white lightly scented hair product that was light to the touch when placing it in my fingers. I sectioned my hair with my fingers and worked my way through each part with my new detangling brush and working the product through my hair from tip to root. Once the product was coated throughout the section, I wrapped each part up in my silicone hair rollers courtesy of my favorite one-stop shop – Amazon.

Once the top portion of my hair was done, it was time to move to the sides of my head. Though I texturized my sides to help it lay down a bit easier, it still manages to put up a fight when it comes to what products it likes. The Texture Setting Cream Gel revealed itself to be a light lavender colored gel that was also not greasy and light to my sense of smell. I put a dime-sized amount onto my wooden brush and allowed my natural curl pattern to follow suit with the bristles as they formed beautiful waves. As soon as I was done with the shaved portion of my head, I wrapped the sides up with a silk scarf and put on a bonnet for extra protection just in case one of my rollers decided to slip. I was so excited to see my results first thing in the morning.

After finally getting out of bed this morning, I took out each roller one-by-one and my hair felt the softest it’s been since getting my hair single processed a few weeks back. I noticed too that my sides were slain and laid to the gods without the crunch and hard texture that gel or mousse would normally leave after setting overnight. Instead, it was non-flaky and soft as though I had a fresh texturizer in my head. Once they were all out, I went through my hair with the nozzle of the 3-In-1 Nourishing Oil to hydrate my scalp. I completed my look with the Glow Up Shine Spray, which had a light scent and easy portion control to make sure I didn’t have anything all over my face. This added the perfect amount of shine without the grease.

All in all, AFRO SHEEN is officially my new no-heat styling routine for quick overnight revitalization for the perfect summer curls. Move over other products in my drawer and welcome healthy, bouncy and lively no-heat required curls!


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